Best Property for Rent for a Bachelor in Malaysia

In considering what is the best property to rent in Malaysia, first we have to determine who will live in that property. A family’s needs is different from that of a single bachelor or a college student. Each individual has a specific needs when it comes to deciding what should be the best property for them. For this article, I will focus on a working bachelor just to sort out the options. If you are a bachelor who is an average earner, a room could be best for you. You don’t need a two bedroom apartment or even a small landed house because these are hard to maintain and you need to clean all the rooms or the whole house every now and then. So instead of just having a good rest, you will just busy yourself on taking care of the property. A good friend of mine who is a bachelor rented a place with two bedrooms. I asked him why he rented the whole place when in fact he does not have anyone staying with him. It took us a week to clean the whole house and painting the interior as well. After a month of staying in the property he told me that he should have gotten a smaller unit because he had a hard time cleaning the whole house and most weekends his office mates would use his house for a karaoke party or drinking session. And the next day he ends up cleaning their mess since his friends had already left the house before morning and everyone is so tired to help him clean the house. He is ashamed to tell his friends to clean up the house so he had no choice but to clean it up himself.

A small studio type condominium unit is also ideal for a bachelor especially if the location is close to his place of work. Preferably walking distance from his office so that he will save in the cost of the transportation.

If you are a bachelor with a higher budget for the house, you may want to rent a high end condo unit with swimming pool or gym. But if you are a bachelor and on a tight budget, you can rent a bed space or a small room. But in renting a room, you should consider your housemates. Sometimes there are housemates who are rude or dirty. There are even stories about housemates who steal your things and does not care about your privacy. Sometimes other people in the house could be noisy and does not even care if other people wanted to sleep too. There are also housemates who are dirty so you sometimes end up cleaning up their mess otherwise you will suffer with the bad smell of the house. Most of these people are insensitive even if you tell then to clean, they will never do it. But if you are really on a tight budget, you just have to endure this issues.