In buying a Property in Malaysia, does size matter?

Kuala Lumpur is not cheap to live in the city. Price tags to live here (Kuala Lumpur) can be beyond your budget range. Off course this varies because of how buyers consider their home will look

like. One of these is the size of the place. And yes buying property is based on sq.m (square meters). This is to insure that the size of property is measurable. The total square meters of the property has its corresponding valuation. Kuala Lumpur City Center for example is not the same valuation as to the other suburb in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur as the prime city of Malaysia has a prime price for valuation. Kuala Lumpur City Center is situated in the very heart of the Capital City and that living into it will be easy access to the city’s business, markets, schools, leisure, and many more as I can recall.

While square meters varies in price valuation on the Properties wherein it is situated cities. Building plan and subdivided lot also has factors to vary price. The classic examples of this are Corner lots, front lots and the Inner lots. In this case Corner lots have the higher price because of the availability of the said unit/ lots. It is safe to say while the subdivide lot plans, more or less only 10% of total lots for sales are corner lots. So if you want to get a corner lot. Chances are slim as this will be based on the availability of the lot. And one thing I noticed also most corner lots irregular in size and bigger the usual ordinary subdivide lot cut.

While property management or sale brokers and or agents can already provide you information about the size and square foot meters on properties/ lot involved, this can fasten your decision making in buying the said property.

While it is most important to know about the information on the size of the property, but this will be still your final judgment, whether it will be fit to your needs and likeness.

Well reality bites, size do matters, the bigger your property is, the bigger your status will be. This also prone to be judged by your neighbors that while you have a 1000sq.m (square foot meters) the more you will be tag as one of the elite, well it’s only judgmental of the people around you but the big deal is the Tax on real property. In any case always purchase property wisely and fit your lifestyle.