Tips For Internship Interview

Yes, an internship is not exactly the same when applying for a job. However, it is closely related and there is also an interview where an applicant might be denied, depending on how he will fare. Thus, if a graduating student is about to go through an interview for an internship, he must make sure that he is well prepared or he might end up looking for another company. If you’re looking to find a job, 在这里找到工作!

An internship, for the information of many, is a temporary involvement to a certain company as training to a student who is about to graduate. This is required from every graduating student and if he can’t go through this, he will not be able to graduate for sure. Thus, this phase is quite important. How can one prepare for an internship interview? These tips might come in handy!

Interview Tips

The adage that first impressions last is real thus, make sure you impress your interviewers the first time you give an answer. If they will be amazed with how intellectually one can ace his interview questions, they will surely assume that he is a good person and will be an asset to their company.

No matter what one does, it is always important to first be familiar with the subject. This is the easiest way to champion his objectives. So, like for example in internships, one should make sure to familiarize the company he is planning to be a part of first, even temporarily at that. Doing this will easily enable him to become more effective and more productive and thus, become an asset to the said company. At the same time, this will also easily help him in answering some of the most difficult questions that will be thrown at him.

While there might be some questions that might put off an applicant off guard, some of the interview questions can be researched online. Check them out and try rehearsing them so it will be easier when the real interview comes. At least, there will only be a few times when the questions will be missed if ever.

It is now the trend of interviews to ask an applicant to tell experiences that are somehow related to the industry. There is a chance an applicant won’t have an experience to tell, but this does not mean he can’t make up one. Yes, he can always make up one and this is why it is important to familiarize the company first so that if one has experiences related to their objectives, he can right away come up with it. It is also imperative that the story will be prepared days before.

Because it is just an internship, a lot of applicants will not really take the time to come up with a unique resume. They assume that this will not matter and they will be accepted even with the stereotype resume. Well, there are times that such will happen, but definitely not all the times. If an applicant wants to be assured that he will get accepted, he must make sure to craft his resume so that it will be unique and the contents are really tailored to what the company is looking for, even with the fact that he will just be a temporary employee.

A new intern might have a hard time getting comfortable since he is new to everything in the workplace. However, he will be in that environment for months, thus it is best to make the most of it. He can just try to enjoy his work and in time confidence will soon follow. While slacking is definitely a no-no, enjoying while working hard is also possible.

An applicant can also prepare questions for the interviewers. Though he must not use this until he will be told to do so, he must not also say no in case they will ask him as that will show lack of interest. If he is already well oriented with the company, he can come up with questions that are relevant and in which, he must really be interested to know the answers. It is actually like hitting two birds with a single stone as he can impress the interviewers, while at the same time, get the answers he want.

Take a look at this video for more tips!

Yes, an internship is quite important as this is a preparation for the real world. So, for every graduating student out there, one must not take this for granted. Don’t waste this chance of preparing one’s self in having an easier time dealing with the real world. At the same time, this is also their chance to obtain connections to the industry they want to be part of after graduation. Knowing some people, later on, can help them a lot.