Importance of Having a School Website

The school website is very important to give a good first impression because people are the first contact with the school. Accordingly, the school website affects the general image and status of your school that can give direction to increased undertaking. Taking part in the descent school website is indispensable to provide a good user experience for consistent users including teachers, students, and parents. In this article, we will let you the importance of having a website and where one can find the best web design service in Penang to create his educational website. Here are some key features of why it is important to have a good school website.

Undertaking a website and that has an online occurrence approach permits you to market your business online. Websites are also important because they can help build a reputation as a business. Websites often provide maps and directions to shops or corporate offices so visitors can find their locations easily. Read the latest article about anything here.

The features of a good school website are as follows: 

  • The overall appearance of the website is the first thing users notice when they browse the website. This includes the layout, colors, pictures, and fonts you use to create the website. 
  • Make sure all these factors are taken into account when building the website, as it contributes to creating the overall effect of the school.
  •  Be sure to check out our info-graphic on how to design a great school website.

Quality content is as follows: 

A good school website is expected to contain a variety of quality content

  • Be sure to include basic information such as contact information, welcome messages, school standards, ​​and photographs on the website’s homepage, followed by learning resources, curriculum information, news, event calendars, and other school information.


Good website design and content is very important, but if visitors are not able to find the information they are looking for easily, they will be frustrated and negatively impact the overall user experience. This is especially important when discussing parents researching schools for their children because if they find a website inaccessible, they can leave the site and look for another school.

The right message: 

Make sure your website is sending the right message to its visitors and that it truly represents values ​​and encourages the strength of your school. Your website is essential to create the best image for your school.

Mobile version: 

This is a very important feature that should not be overlooked in the modern age. There are countless users, including educators, parents, and learners; they will browse the school website on their mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to keep the website clear on all devices.

Finally, make it interesting! Undertaking a school website which has a very significant role, but making it a good website but it can generate a respectable image of your school and lead to positive user experience. Jumix design can help design a website as they are the best website developers in Penang, Malaysia.