Perfect Johor Bahru Properties With All the Best Choices

The key to determining the right selling price is therefore information on how much the surrounding ones have been sold for and it is this insight into the real estate transactions that is made possible by the free Atlas price application. It collects publicly available data on realized real estate transactions from the real estate cadastre and displays them on a map that everyone can view.

A number of companies in Johor Bahru offer a similar service, but Atlas of Awards publishes them free of charge. (In doing so, they try to bring visitors to their sites and then gain them as clients for their already paid real estate services.)

The Perfect Map
On the map, you will see how many properties and house for sale in Johor Bahru have been sold in your area. You can filter them to match yours as much as possible. (Or the one you want to buy). And the application also allows you to set up a detector that will send you a message as soon as a property is sold in your area (or anywhere else).
So if you are considering selling your property, see how many comparable properties are being sold in your area. This will help you set a price that is reasonable for the current market.

And if you buy, knowledge of surrounding prices will allow you to set a reasonable ceiling for your offer and negotiate with the seller with proof of real prices in hand.
Important information for landlords, Legal defense of the landlord, Selection and purchase of an apartment for rent

When selling and buying an apartment, it is necessary to avoid a number of mistakes that can lead to loss of money. Here is an overview of the most common problems with these transactions and advice on how to avoid them.
Buying a property is a complicated transaction that can be thwarted by even small things. Because of them, the buyer can easily lose money. The following tips give an overview of the mistakes that people often make and advice on how to avoid them.

Who is the real owner of the property
The house or apartment you have chosen in Subang Jaya or any other part you desire can only be sold by its owner. And the owner of the property is the one whose name appears on the extract from the real estate, the so-called title deed. The owner can, of course, authorize someone else to sell, such as a relative or real estate agent. In this case, check that the power of attorney states that the property in question can actually be sold and whether the owner’s signature is officially verified.

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