Perfect selayang condo for sale: Grab It

Once you have found the one that’s right for you, we advise you, before proceeding with the purchase, to show it to your trusted technician so that you can quantify the expenses you will incur. In case of the Perfect selayang condo for sale you need the right deals.

Guarantees that the house you buy must have

If you have relied on an agency, make sure that all the necessary checks have been made in advance by the real estate agent before putting the property such as a selayang apartment up for sale. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a private individual, before stopping the property by delivering a deposit to the seller, we recommend that you do some checks.

Checks to be carried out on a used property deed of provenance: this is the document certifying ownership of the property (the owner must provide it to you)

  • surveys and cadastral plans (to be requested from the land registry office)
  • urban and cadastral compliance of the property (the owner must provide it)

mortgage certificate: this document must be requested from the real estate advertising office (formerly conservatory) and serves to verify that the property is free from prejudicial registrations or transcripts, or that there are no mortgages, foreclosures or that it has not already been sold to another person;

Condominium checks: contact the administrator to check the actual amount of the condominium expenses such as the selayang condo, if there are works already approved and if the condominium expenses related to that property have been paid regularly.

Regardless of the checks we advised you to do, the owner at the time of the compromise guarantees the buyer that the property:

  • Is in compliance with the building, urban planning and tax laws in force.
  • Must be at the notarial deed, fully owned and available by the seller, free from any constraint, weight, encumbrance, privilege, mortgage, litigation in progress, use, and so on.
  • At the time of the preliminary contract you will certainly be asked to pay some money. In this regard, pay attention to the denomination that is given to this payment, whether down payment or deposit. 


The down payment is an advance on the final price. If the sale does not end, the seller must return it to the promising buyer; however, if the failure to conclude the deal is due to an unjustified behavior of the latter, he may request damages;

The deposit is a sum paid to guarantee the conclusion of the deal. If the sale ends, the seller keeps the deposit as a down payment on the price; if it is not concluded because the seller changes his mind, he must pay the buyer an amount equal to double the deposit; if it is not concluded because the buyer changes his mind, he will lose the deposit. If you have doubts about the documents consulted, clarify them with the notary you will contact to stipulate the deed of sale: he will certainly be able to give you the necessary clarifications. For more articles related to this one, click here.