The Dutamas House For Rent With Perfect Choices For You

Make an appointment for the Dutamas house for rent. If you like the apartment, check if the household appliances are working. Ask the owner to turn on the microwave, stove (all burners and oven), washing machine, TV.

Agree with the owner to replace at least one lock

Thus, you insure yourself against the risk of being robbed, for example, by previous tenants. Give one key to the new lock to the owner. You can put the key in the envelope, seal it and put your signature on it. When you move out, the landlord, in theory, should show you an unopened envelope.

Sign the lease

It must indicate the obligations and rights of the parties, the lease term, the amount of the monthly payment; all pieces of furniture and its condition (new or used) are listed. Most likely, in addition to the first month of living, you will have to pay for the last month or leave the so-called deposit for furniture and equipment.

Be sure to check the receipts to see if the owner has utility bills or telephone bills in arrears. In the contract, be sure to indicate the meter readings for hot and cold water supply, electricity on the date of the contract.

What shouldn’t you do?

  • Do not call the first ad that comes across. First, review all offers, compare terms and prices.
  • Don’t go after the cheapest deal. Most likely, the apartment will be flawed: either “killed” or with dysfunctional neighbors or owners. There is also a risk of falling into the clutches of scammers.
  • Don’t pay a commission to a realtor in advance. It is paid simultaneously with the signing of the lease and payment of the lease.
  • Check the documents. Do not sign a lease agreement and do not give money to the owner if he did not show you the documents on the property or instead of the originals provided only copies of them (certificate of ownership, receipts for payment of utility bills, etc.).
  • Do not agree to a deal if the apartment is rented out by proxy , especially if you have doubts about its authenticity.
  • Do not sign a lease if the property is owned by several owners and only one of them is present at the meeting. For renting out an apartment, the consent of all owners is required.

If you like the apartment, but you do not have the full amount to pay the rent, leave a deposit of 1-2 thousand rubles. But be sure to draw up a receipt in which you indicate the passport details of both parties to the transaction.

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