3 Major Influence In Constructing Buildings

As the population of humanity continues to expand, more constructions are being held in urban areas of the country to accommodate the population. To save space and cost, the amount of condominiums are increasing with the current trend of having shopping lots being built below these condominiums. This would help residents to purchase their necessities without having to leave their housing area. Thanks to modern technology, it leads to some of the most marvelous buildings we’ll ever see like the Burj Khalifa, Petronas Twin Tower, Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum and many more. With the assistance of chemical supplier in selangor, they are able to provide supplies for construction companies to complete their projects. There are 3 products that chemical suppliers are involved in supplying:


  1. Concrete

If it is not obvious enough, concrete is the reason why buildings are standing for many years as it is capable of withstanding thousands of tons of weight. This is a feat that is important in today’s era as many condominiums, apartments and bungalows are required to support tons of weight in addition to the multitudes of floors that a building needs to support the weight of. Because of that, poly concrete is one of the most used types of concrete as the epoxy helps to make more durable concrete in addition to providing plenty of resistances against some of the most common conditions such as corrosion, abrasion, freezing and thawing, making it one of the most versatile concretes that can be used in almost every environment.


  1. Paint

Paint may change how your room works depending on what color you use, but it also serves another purpose; to provide additional resistances to walls and enhance their durability. Synthetic fiber paint is used along with concrete paints Anti-corrosion paint is commonly used in metal surfaces, including metal bridges. It also can last for a long time which doesn’t require frequent recoating like other paints.


  1. Wall & Flooring

Obviously, every house has different floors and walls depending on how it is or was built. Although some modern buildings would use wood floorings for aesthetic purposes, most buildings use either marble or concrete floorings and walls as it is more durable. Of course, each type of wall and flooring has their own benefits. For example, wood tilings are easier to replace than the other types since individual parts can be taken apart and replaced easily. It can also help to make the house cooler and hooter depending on the seasons, making it a must have for secluded cottages distant from civilization as you would see in movies.


Overall, the advancement of technology has allowed a vast variety of possibilities for construction companies and chemical suppliers to produce products that will help in creating many more unique and creative structures to achieve a more futuristic design.


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