What is aluminum powder for?

Aluminum powder is a silver powder, or rather a product of its fine grinding, looks like flaky plates, necessarily covered with a layer of fat additive. It happens to be used in several spheres of life. Aluminum powder is also widely used in the production of aerated concrete. Aluminum gas pastes are in the greatest demand in this field of activity. But in order to save money, some production facilities replace powder with aluminum dad 1 or dad 2 for gas paste.

How to determine what kind of powder should be chosen in the production of aerated concrete?

This is the most asked question from aerated concrete manufacturers. In total, there are two types of dad aluminum powder: the PAP-1 brand powder and the following PAP-2. They differ mainly in that the size of the powder of aluminum dads 2, compared to dads 1, has a finer grind. Since larger particles of aluminum powder react poorly with lime, many people try not to use PAP-1. But again, to save money, they often use this particular brand.

Let’s take a closer look at the technology and stages of production of aluminum powder. What kind of powder should be used for the production of aerated concrete?

Consider the types of gas generators:

1) Aluminum powder: 

PAP-1 – aluminum pigment powder, which has a coarser grind (you can see more similar information on our website in the section “PAP-1 aluminum powder”). –

PAP-2 – aluminum pigment powder of alumininium paste and powder, which has a finer grind (you can see more similar information on our website in the section “PAP-2 aluminum powder”). – special aluminum powder is a domestic idea with a hydrophilic property (it appeared on our market recently in principle. We can say that it is a powder of the PAP-1 and PAP-2 brands, only with hydrophilic properties. In fact, the process of making a specialized powder differs from the production of powders PAP-1. PAP-2 only in that substances are added that provide wettability with water and conservation. The disadvantage of this type of powder is the high price and hydrophilicity).

2) Aluminum paste: 

  1. a) Wet-milled aluminum powder: – various degrees of grinding. 
  2. b) Dry milled aluminum powder: – based on PAP-1. -at the heart of PAP-2.

3) Hydrophilic additive for PAP-1 and PAP-2 aluminum powder: 

Special additive that makes the powder hydrophilic. If you become interested and you need more information, please contact us by e-mail or by phone. To buy aluminum powder, leave a request in a specific form on our website for feedback. If you are interested in the price of aluminum powder, you can view it in the sections PAP 1 and PAP 2. For more articles related to this one, click here.