How Did Data Transform Our World?

Thousands are leveraging the power of data. Millions are armed up with their cloud backup Malaysia has to offer for their collections of data. Data, or sometimes as well call it big data has completely transformed how the world works. This is not only limited to Facebook and other social media platforms. Contrary to the common belief, social media is not the only place where data is being utilized to make changes for the better. So many functions and aspects of the world are not the same as it was 5 years ago as a result of data. FIve years is a bit of a stretch. Things are certainly not the same as it was even one year ago. Whether we look at the e-commerce industry, fashion, healthcare, tourism, government, the way they conduct service, provide products, all have changed as a result of data. Let’s look at some of the major changes of the world that is credited to data.

Paper To Digital
When was the last time you used an actual physical book to read an article or a magazine? Gone are the days we cycled through encyclopedias, or world Guinness record books. Also gone are the days when we used to go to the library for research papers and aids. Everything has gone digital in the world of books. This was not only beneficial to the amount of space we are saving at home but it is an incredibly green movement. But how does data play a role in how we read books? Many companies have been using data to build enormous book libraries and gadgets for their target markets. Big data is crucial in the world of e-readers and mobile reading applications. They have amplified our need and desire for more and more books online. Digitally books are connected and we are able to get relevant information according to our needs.

Better Medical Resources And Healthcare
Government healthcare policies did a major change as a result of technology. People demand healthcare online and on the street. Demands are only meant to be met and they use big data to understand the policy changes that needed to be made. Government is not the only sector that stepped up with its use of big data to understand the public. Many health care providers, hospitals, and clinics used big data to understand their patients and provide customized health care services. Governments also used big data to understand shortages and surpluses of medical resources in various parts of the world. They used big data to do targeted health care provision in rural areas as well.

Consumer Experience
Shopping has definitely changed. Even online shopping has changed over the years but only because of how businesses successfully used big data. They used data to understand customer preferences, needs, and interests and innovate accordingly. They also provide excellent customer experiences that are personalized according to the data provided based on customers.

The world is yet to see tremendous changes as a result of data. It is only predicted to grow and become prosperous in the future. Many implications are related to the growth of data but for now, we are gladly enjoying the benefits of data around the world.