How To Create A Good Logo For Your Small Business 

A logo is what makes you recognized, attractive, and appealing to a large audience. It is what helps people understand who you are at a glance and make their first impressions. It is where they form their initial perception and feel of your business before checking you out. 

A good logo can be the beginning of a solid brand identity. This very brand identity is responsible for creating long-term relationships with customers, cultivating and fostering customer loyalty, improving brand recognition and brand salience among people. A good logo can also make people instantly attracted to you and you are easily recognized by the world with the help of a good logo.  But the creation of a good logo that brings value to your business is easier said than done. It requires more than the efforts of an amateur to make and build a logo that amplifies your branding and marketing. 

A good brand activation agency Malaysia can tell you and show you the importance of a good logo. They don’t only tell the tale but they make the tale of a good logo a reality! But if you are planning to make it yourself with your minimal knowledge in branding but extensive skills in designing, here are some tips for you! 

Understand The Purpose Of Your Logo 

A good logo can tell people about what your business does and what offers and value the business has to customers.  The logo is an iconic symbol that communicates an important message to your customers and it equally solidifies the curated marketing messages based on data. Without the logo, the messages are faceless and have no identity. To create value for your customers using the logo, you must have a distinctive purpose for your logo. The purpose of your logo must be to create a memorable, unique, and appealing statement to your potential customers. It is to create the front and the identity that is on your packaging, websites, business cards, and so on. 

What Colours Are Right For Your Logo 

Logo colors play an important role in communicating the brand message to potential customers. They play an important role in attracting people and holding their attention. When we see a fancy logo on the beautiful packaging, we tend to stare and look. A famous brand with a beautiful logo is NASA. This logo has reached various heights around the world and even in space. The logo is recognized for its blue and red iconic combo, resembling the ethereum of space. It is iconic and stands consistent over the years. 

Pick The Right Typography For Your Business 

Typography can make the biggest difference when altering the brand image of our business. For instance, coca-cola and google who both changed their typography to make their brands unique and memorable, made a successful turn in their logos. Coca-cola added a little bit of fun and zest in their logo by changing their typography. Google also removed its similarity to other big competitors such as Yahoo! By improving its typography over the years. The typography can easily give your customers the brand image you are hoping to build. If you want a touch of femininity in your brand, people may go for curved fonts and typography. While others trying to resemble strength in their brands would go for bolder typography. 

A good logo can go a long way in making or breaking your small business. Your brand needs and expectations must be reflected in the evolution of a good logo and it is not guaranteed that you will have success on your first try. Your customer’s perception is important to improving your logo!