Broadband: Fiber Vs. Adsl Which Connection Is Best For You?

tm package unifi

Broadband is a collective name for various technologies that make it possible to connect computers, tablets, mobile phones and televisions to the internet at higher speeds. The higher the transfer speed you have, the faster the transfer of information and the more capacity-intensive services you can perform. With fixed broadband, you are constantly connected to the internet and pay a fixed fee no matter how much you use broadband.

tm package unifi

Mobile broadband is a wireless connection that is connected via the mobile phone network. The difference between fixed and mobile connection is that with fixed connection you are connected to a certain place. When using tm package unifi broadband, you can usually move geographically while surfing. A prerequisite is that there is coverage in the mobile network at the place where you are.

Before You Decide On Fixed Broadband

It can be a good idea to think about these issues before entering into an agreement with an operator.

Your Surfing Habits

What do you use your connection for – what amounts of data do you download and what speed do you think you need?

Does the speed downstream differ from upstream?

What other services do you need (IP-based telephony, IP TV, security packages, storage space, multiple email addresses and more)

What router do you need to be able to use wireless broadband at home?

Does it work to connect home alarms / security alarms to your service?


Do you need to buy new equipment (modem, wireless router)?

Are there fees in addition to the monthly fee?

Will it be cheaper if you have several different services / agreements with the operator?

Will broadband become more expensive if you cancel your traditional fixed telephone subscription?

Does it cost to change speed?

What does it cost if you want to terminate the agreement during the binding period?

Terms And Conditions

Check the binding period and / or notice period on the agreement

Check delivery time and conditions in case of errors and interruptions

Check the cost / possibility of using the service if you move to a new address

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