Gifts For New Moms

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Being a new mother surely excites your surroundings. Family, friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues. Everyone loves babies, so if one of your friends or family is expecting a baby, you might want to give the baby and mommy presents right?

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You don’t know what to buy? Everything is cute? Everything seems useful for baby and mommy? Worry less, here I will list down as many things as I can that you can buy for the baby and mommy.

First, let’s start with the baby’s.

  1.       Baby blanket

This is one of the best things that you can give to a newborn baby because they can use the blanket forever! Find a fluffy and comfortable blanket that will warm the baby at night but does not make them feel hot during daytime.

  1.       Play gym

A play gym is not really suitable for babies under 2 or 3 months but they can start using it at the age of 5 or 6 months. That age, they will be able to respond and it is good for their sensory and motor skills. The best play gym is the one that does not have too much hard equipment because we want to avoid causing injuries to the baby.

  1.       Bath bundle

Bath bundle is a set of body towels, face towels and sometimes it includes a handkerchief and napkins for daily use. This bundle usually uses towels from soft materials, so it is better to buy a bath bundle than buying them separately. There are some shops that sell bath bundles that include baby wash. That also can be a good gift for the baby.

  1.       Teething toys

Babies at the age of 7 or 8 months will start to grow teeth and that will cause extreme itchiness on their gums. The best teething toys are usually the ones that have water in them. That is less harsh to the baby and usually BPA free so it is safe to put in mouth. The other type of teething toys are the ones made fully from silicone. It might be a bit hard and hurt the baby’s gum.

Moving on, the mommy!

  1.       Weighted sleep mask

This is a mask that usually helps the mother to get good sleep. The first few weeks will be a hell of a ride for the mother as the baby would wake up in the middle of the night and cry. And the mothers will have to wake up from their good sleep. This sleeping mask helps to give the mother good quality sleep even if they didn’t get enough sleep.

  1.       Wrap baby carrier

This can be a long time investment for the mommy and baby as the wrap baby carrier is adjustable. You don’t have to worry about the baby’s size and still can be used even after they have grown bigger. It is usually more comfortable than the other type of baby carriers because it is made from cotton.

  1.       Nipple cream

Mommies will always experience cracked nipples after giving birth and during breastfeeding. It does hurt a lot. Giving nipple cream Malaysia as a gift might bring a smile to their faces. It is also useful for chapped lips and itchy stretch marks.

That is the list of gifts that you can give to the mommy and baby and is useful for a long time.